BIZ WIZ® provides basic business education for all employees without formal business training. It explains the financial operation of a company and the importance of personal involvement and cost control.


In use with thousands of employees of for-profit companies since 1988, BIZ WIZ® is available in three verions: Universal, Customized, and as the Simulation Seminar. The Universal and Customized versions feature easy-to-read, self-study materials so participants learn at their own pace at home or work. Questions in the reading material form the basis for lively classroom discussions. The Simulation Seminar has no prereading and is totally classroom-based. All versions can use Exercises with company information, e.g., financial statements. The Simulation "game" for all versions allows participants to run their own businesses where financial concepts come to life -- exciting education at its best!


Excellent leader's guides enable your own instructors to lead BIZ WIZ®. Modular design flexes to fit your schedule and time requirements. (Total time: 16 - 24 hrs.)


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Explains how to plan and conduct organized and productive meetings. Includes agenda planning, meeting techniques, member roles and behaviors. Appropriate for teams, task forces, committees, supervisors and managers. Lead-it-yourself with available leader's guide. Length depends upon how much you practice the techniques. Leader's guide available. (Total time:  8 hrs.)


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Introduces the nature of teams and requirements for effective team work. Explores verbal and nonverbal channels of communication, techniques for listening and giving feedback, basics of meeting management, and problem solving. May include optional assessments of personal behavioral and listening styles and simulation of team work and coordination. Leader's guide available. (Total time: 8 - 16 hrs.)


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Provides an essential strategic perspective for leaders who are establishing high-performance workforces. Defines the conditions required for self-direction to succeed, explains the mileposts for progress, identifies required skills, and addresses the changing roles of leaders at all levels. Applies a unique blend of ideas to the world of team development. Topics can be organized around your needs. Leader's guide available. (Total time:  24 hrs.)


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Defines different types of teams and describes the roles of leaders at many levels within a team organization. Traces the developmental stages of teams and appropriate leader behavior for each stage. Can include self-assessment using the Dimensions of Leadership Profile. Explains how to conduct team meetings and avoid common problems. Can also incorporate materials from "Effective Teams". Leader's guide available. (Total time: 8 - 16 hrs.)


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Teams need tuned up. New teams need to form new relationships, develop team norms, adopt team processes for communicatinG and problem solving, assign roles and a host of other things. Old teams need their oil changed and their tires rotated so to speak. Actually they need to revisit roles and responsibilities, incorporate new members, and sometimes resolve festering interpersonal and leadership issues. Doing these things is often called "team building." The process of team building is not the same as team training. We have listed this topic with our seminars, but true team building involves an assessment of the team's current state and future direction and the selection and adjustment of the right tools to work on the team's unique issues. For a more thorough discussion of team building and our approach, click here.


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Introduces the relationship between learner and trainer, principles of adult learning, and training styles used for on-the-job training. Essential for persons who train others on-the-job. Participants learn the four steps for planning and preparing training, the five steps for conducting it, and practice OJT at their work site. This seminar can be conducted in two modules for easier scheduling. Leader's guide available. (Total time:  8 hrs.)


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We can customize our programs and create new ones to meet your needs. We use an interactive, accelerated learning approach, not lectures. Bring us your needs.

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