Team Leadership Seminar


Are your leaders faced with the challenge of leading teams?
Do your leaders have the training it takes to succeed?


Few things are more crucial to the success of teams than effective leadership -- and fewer things are harder to accomplish. Many organizations have adopted teams as a way to improve organizational performance, but once the structure and buzzwords are in place, the reality of running teams takes over.


Many persons handed the task of leading teams have little or no preparation for the role. If they have "supervised" before, they may have habits that inhibit, rather than promote, team development.


Our Team Leadership seminar can help prevent leadership failures and team troubles. Because teams take their cues from their leaders and often rely on them for resources, communication, and coordination, effective team leadership is essential to the success of the team itself.


By participating in our Team Leadership seminar, team leaders will learn about the roles of team members, team leaders, and mid and upper level leaders relative to teams. This makes Team Leadership a great developmental tool for leaders at several levels.


During the program, participants also learn about conducting team meetings, leadership styles, degrees of involvement for teams, and how to help teams evolve with the application of a progressive style.


An optional self-assessment helps leaders analyze their own leadership preferences so see their strengths and potential shortcomings. This additional insight personalizes the leadership training experience.


The Team Leadership program uses short readings, exercises, discussions, case studies, and the optional self-assessment to cover the following topics:


A. Overview of Teams

B. Role of the Work Team

C. Roles of Leaders
* Team Leaders
* Mid-level Leaders
* Top-level Leaders

D. Profile of a "Good Leader"
E. Leading Team Meetings
* Types of Agenda items
* Building an Agenda
* Reaching Conclusions
* The 7 P's for Meetings

F. Leadership & Team Development
* Dimensions of Leadership
* Adapting to Followers
* Team Involvement
* Team Evolution

In the one-day Team Leadership seminar, team leaders get an inside look at the real behaviors it takes to lead teams successfully. Without the training provided in our Team Leadership program, leaders can flounder and fail - taking their teams along with them.


Make sure you invest in building the knowledge and skills of your team leaders; contact us today.




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