Journey to Excellence Seminar


Moving your organization toward higher levels of employee involvement?
Could you use a strategy and a blueprint to chart your course?
Are roles in the new organization less than clear?


Will your employee involvement efforts create improved organizational performance, or will operations go out of control? Our Journey to Excellence seminar explains how knowledgeable leaders accomplish participation while maintaining organizational performance.


If your organization is taking steps toward increased employee involvement you will want to learn the keys for doing it successfully. The material in Journey gives you a road map to guide your trip into participation.


For managers, supervisors, and team leaders, Journey can help clarify the confusing new role expectations which arise from the organizational change toward self-direction.


Journey to Excellence addresses managers' concerns about being accountable for results while also being expected to act participatively. It clearly demonstrates the need to have effective control of performance. It explains how performance control can be transferred from supervisors and managers to employees without a loss of organization performance. Journey to Excellence enables managers to explain to employees how the participative process evolves over time.


Parts of Journey can be used with employees to explain the activities and conditions necessary for participation to succeed. It explains that participation does not mean "permissipation."


The Journey to Excellence program uses exercises, discussions, and video field trips to cover:


A. The Changing Environment
B. The Design of New Work
C. Performance Control
D. Paths to Success
E. Mileposts Required for Progress
F. Goals of the Journey
G. Leaders' Values
H. Leaders' Roles
I. Leaders' Behaviors
J. Leadership Style & Team Development
K. Resistance & Change
L. Developmental Work

In a three day Journey seminar you will learn how important models of human behavior and leadership style are integrated into one strategic approach to employee involvement. You will gain a higher level of confidence and effectiveness in carrying out a participative approach to management. The guide for your Journey, Don Barkman, has first-hand experience in the design and development of team systems.


For more information on how you can start your employee involvement efforts off with a clear, long-term strategy, contact us today.




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