Effective Teams Seminar


Using teams as a way to improve organization performance?

Do your teams know how to work together effectively?


It's easy to create the structure for work teams. It's harder to create effectively functioning teams of people. That simple fact has caused great distress to many organizations whose good intentions overstepped their training efforts.


You can avoid the costly problems of team malfunctioning by training your work teams in effective team behaviors. That's what our seminar, Effective Teams, is all about.


Effective Teams is for everyone who is part of a natural work team. This includes team members, coordinators, team leaders, and supervisors. The team that learns together, grows together!


Participants in the Effective Teams seminar learn about the nature of teams, how to communicate effectively, the essentials of sharing feedback, and key elements of team meetings. The program includes the option for personal self-assessments by each member of his or her behavioral style. This leads to an appreciation of individual differences and the need to combine talents to achieve team goals.


A unique option in the Effective Teams program is the Nuclear Nightmare Simulation. The simulation places participants in a time-pressured situation requiring close communication and coordination of work efforts to produce devices essential to preventing a disaster. After repeated rounds of planning and production activity, participants reflect on what their simulation experience has taught them about working together. The lessons learned have clear carry over to the everyday work of the team.


The Effective Teams program uses short readings, exercises, discussions, and the optional self-assessment and simulation to cover the following topics:


A. Overview and Nature of Teams
B. Working Together
C. Dimensions of Personal Behavior
D. Personal Behavior Action Planning
E. Channels of Communication
F. Nonverbal Communications
G. Listening
H. Questioning and Responding

I. Communicating Styles
J. Giving and Receiving Feedback
K. Common Team Problems
L. Recipe for Effective Teams
M.Team Meetings
N. Simulated Work Experience
O. Reflections on Teamwork 


In the two-day Effective Teams seminar, team members gain a heartfelt sense of the responsibilities of a work team and their roles in making it work. They also collect insight on their personal behaviors and enhance their interaction skills.


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