BIZ WIZ Universal


Biz WizUniversal Self-StudyBIZ WIZ Universal is a business education program for all employees who do not have business degrees.


Thousands of employees at all levels from America to Australia have benefited from BIZ WIZ®. Originally created as a customized program used by Fortune 500 corporations, BIZ WIZ® is now available for any firm in a universal version.


The universal program is based upon our years of experience customizing business education material. The material has been carefully crafted so the reader is not lost or intimidated along the way. We created this version to meet requests from organizations who did not have the time and resources to devote to our customized program (also available).



Everyone needs to understand business.

Because a for-profit business is driven by its numbers, you're not really in the game if you don't understand those numbers. Unfortunately, most of us didn't go to business school. That means we must educate ourselves about the businesses we work in. We need to know the terminology and how to keep score. BIZ WIZ U teaches how the business game is played. It gets everyone participating on the team!



BIZ WIZ® self-study materials are flexible, economical, and time efficient.

They can improve communications and decision making in your job and in your entire organization.



BIZ WIZ® self-study materials are covered in six chapters.

Each chapter focuses on a particular topic and includes questions at the end. The chapters average approximately 24 pages and can be completed in about an hour each. Because of our extensive experience educating employees at all levels, we know what questions need to be answered even before they are asked. Our material assumes the reader is not familiar with business terminology or financial formulas. All that is explained in an easy, systematic way without becoming simplistic.


BIZ WIZ® Universal's self-study materials are great tools for individuals who do not have access to classroom training about business. They can be used at work or home by:

  • Salespersons
  • Supervisors
  • Engineers
  • Trainers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • First-line Production Employees
  • Teleservice Personnel
  • Students

Individuals can purchase their own BIZ WIZ® self-study materials from The Business Center. It's just like walking into the local bookstore, only it's here on-line with our electronic order form.


For organizations that have the ability to provide more than a self-study program, BIZ WIZ® Universal includes classroom discussions, exercises, and the BIZ WIZ Simulation. Leader's Guides are also available so that in-house trainers can conduct sessions. Our overview page describes all your BIZ WIZ® options.


A listing of the contents for each of the six self-study chapters follows along with links to booklet excerpts, an overview of the entire program, customized BIZ WIZ®, and the order page.



BIZ WIZ® Universal Contents

1. Introduction to Business

Why companies are in business and how individuals are like miniature businesses.

  • Welcome to BIZ WIZ®
  • BIZ WIZ® Material
  • WIIFM? - What's In It for Me?
  • You're in Business
  • Operating a Company
  • Purpose of a Business
  • Bizzary of Terms


3. Serving Our Customers

Where sales come from and what affects them. The force of competition.

  • Customers
  • Markets
  • Products & Services
  • Competitors


5. Measuring the Business

The different ways we measure the financial results of the firm.

  • Income Statement vs. Balance Sheet
  • Sizing Up the Firm
  • Why All These Percentages?
  • Profit Margins
  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Equity
  • Earnings per Share
  • Debt to Debt+Equity Ratio

2. Financing the Business

What we own, what we owe, and what is ours as a company. The Balance Sheet.

  • In the Beginning...
  • Shareholders' Equity
  • Liabilities
  • Assets
  • Depreciation
  • The Balance Sheet



4. Operating the Business

Sales minus costs equal profits. Types of costs and measures of profits. The Income Statement.

  • Sales
  • The Income Statement
  • Costs and Expenses
  • Profits and Taxes


6. Managing Our Resources

How we track our critical numbers and decide which investments to make.

  • Cost Centers and Profit Centers
  • Forecasts, Budgets and Variances
  • Attacking a Negative Variance
  • Creating a Positive Variance
  • Projects
  • Evaluating Projects
  • Cash Flow



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