Training Others on-the-Job Seminar


Creating a team system or upgrading workforce job skills?
Giving untrained trainers the responsibility for on-the-job training?
Want to teach the basics of OJT to teams and/or supervisors?


Welcome to Training Others, today's practical, hands-on seminar/workshop to teach on-the-job training (OJT) techniques. Training Others is designed for persons who have never been taught how to train.


Organizations often rely on their employees, team leaders, or supervisors to provide technical training to other employees -- but do they really know how to do it?


Most employees and supervisors have no education about how people learn or how to organize and present information for training. A few do an intuitively good job, but many flounder. The result: a quick "talk thru" of the job and back to work. Learning is left to luck.


Training Others is based on proven methods of job instruction training. It combines these with a condensed look at how adults learn. These two aspects merge as participants develop and conduct a practice OJT session during the program. Major topics covered include:


Gaining a Background

  • Trainer / Learner Relationship
  • Principles of Learning

Putting Our Knowledge to Work

  • Training Styles
  • Trainer's Planning & Preparation
  • Conducting the Training - 4 Steps
  • Assessing the Training

Training Others materials include a participant's guide with thorough explanations, pocket summaries, and planning forms. A "Learning Log" contains questions which help participants absorb key ideas and relate the material to their jobs. This combination permits you to use the text as self-study material. You can assign the reading as independent study, use it as pre-reading prior to classroom work, or have participants read it in the classroom.


Training Others includes a leader's guide which enables you to conduct the program in-house. The leader's guide contains directions for administering group discussions and exercises.


You can conduct Training Others as a full day session, split it into two half-day sessions, or condense the first section and shorten it. The program includes trios going "out on the floor" to practice OJT using tasks from their real jobs. It wraps up with an evaluation of what they learned from their OJT experience.


For more information on how your team members, team leaders, or supervisors can improve their OJT effectiveness, contact us today.




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