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Biz Wiz CustomBIZ WIZ® is a customized, participative training program that introduces employees to the specific financial operation of their own company.


BIZ WIZ® Custom is active and involving, not dry and boring. The use of real company numbers makes BIZ WIZ® Custom both exciting and relevant.


The business understanding developed in BIZ WIZ® C leads to enhanced participation and decision making for all employees, especially work teams. The program includes self-study material which introduces basic concepts and terms. This foundation is built upon through group training activities using small and large group discussions and problem solving. Emphasis is placed on participant interaction and self-learning. Employees get to know each other across departmental boundaries and organizational levels. New understandings and cooperation are fostered in these exchanges.


The program leader's role is centered on introducing materials and exercises, responding to questions, promoting discussion, and summarizing and reviewing key points. Leaders are developed through extensive trainer training and are supported with a thorough leader's guide. Professionals in human resources, accounting, and line management have all successfully led BIZ WIZ® Custom.




To enable BIZ WIZ® C to meet your specific needs, it is divided into different content areas including: the balance sheet, income statement, measures of financial performance, cash, budgets, and project ROI. It moves from general business concepts to their application in the measurement of specific company performance.


Each section introduces and explains the terms and basic formulas used for that topic. Overall, the program explains how the company earns a profit, how it is financed, and how financial performance is measured internally and by stockholders. It helps participants understand their roles in the company's organizational structure (Where do I fit in?). It also details the company's products, how they are viewed by the marketplace, who the competition is, and what the company must do to succeed. Participants gain a greater appreciation for the outside forces affecting the company and how these forces affect them personally.


At the end, BIZ WIZ® Custom focuses on local operations and how their performance is measured. Budgets and variances and the company's basic accounting system are explained. Key performance measures and their significance are covered. Each participant sees how his or her actions affect the company.




BIZ WIZ® Custom uses a Participant's Guide that explains basic terms and the circumstances of your organization. The program also includes a Group Discussion Workbook that contains exercises used in the classroom. The classroom work enables participants to apply their learning and deepen their understanding and appreciation of your business.


The Simulation game is included with BIZ WIZ® C classroom activities. In the Simulation, participants operate their own companies and learn how business events affect their operations, profits, and investors' perceptions. The Simulation is a real stimulation to learning!


A Profit Enhancement Project is an option. Participants can team up in the program to identify cost reduction or sales improvement opportunities. They estimate the savings and costs associated with them and plan how to carry out their projects. Project proposals are reviewed by managers and initiated by the participants. A follow-up session in 8 - 12 weeks reviews the outcomes of the projects and what has been learned. Participants discover the power of continuous improvement and the difference they can make every day. The projects also help pay back the investment in your BIZ WIZ® training!




BIZ WIZ® C materials blend the best of both generic and customized information. Many explanations of key terms and ideas are generic. These are modified and supported with examples to fit your company. The amount of customization depends upon the nature of your business and your preferences.


Generally speaking, conceptual materials require little customization. The same is true for the Simulation. Materials related to your products, customers, markets, competitors, financial measures, and budget/cost reporting require the most adaptation.


The customized approach provides participants with interesting and relevant material. At the same time, it reduces the costs of creating a unique and effective program by using existing general material. We will collect the necessary information, edit, and review BIZ WIZ® C materials with you prior to any training.




BIZ WIZ® C group discussions are conducted with group sizes from 12 to 24. Work is done in subgroups of 4 to 6 at separate tables. Peer interaction is cited by many participants as a powerful technique and an enjoyable experience.




BIZ WIZ® C can be conducted in modules to make scheduling easy. The time for each module may vary depending upon the customization of materials and use of optional exercises. The program requires a total of approximately 24 hours of classroom work.




BIZ WIZ® C does not require expert trainers to conduct it. Leading group discussions is made easy by using activities that involve the participants. A person with good interpersonal skills and a business degree can become an effective discussion leader. We will work with individuals you select to develop and certify them as BIZ WIZ® instructors. We will teach them how to use BIZ WIZ® materials and effective training techniques.




BIZ WIZ® materials, customization, session leadership, and leader training services are priced separately for your convenience. Contact Don Barkman at The Business Center today for complete information. Isn't it time your employees became BIZ WIZZES?



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