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Business Basics BestsellerBUSINESS BASICS BESTSELLER #1


Business Basics Bestseller #1 is a book that explains the basics of business.  The six chapters in the book cover:  financial terminology,  the income statement, balance sheet, measures of performance, cash flow, budgets, and project investments.    BBB#1 is exceptionally easy-to-read and contains the essential information taught in the popular BIZ WIZ seminar. The book is 127 pages and has summaries at the end of each chapter.


There is also a separate, 20 page, BBB#1 Workbook that contains questions for each of the six chapters in the book. The Workbook questions can be used for self-study and/or group discussions.  An answer key is available.


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The most practical, single source of information on the essentials of designing a skill-based pay system. SBP: Design and Implementation is the successor book to two prior editions of Designing Skill-Based Pay. This easy-to-read book gives you excellent insight into this unique and effective form of pay. Save yourself days of time researching and reading articles. Covers advantages and disadvantages, economics, training, pay levels, communications and much more. Use it to educate design teams or boost your personal expertise. 178 pp.


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Magical MeetingsMagical Meetings


Look no further for the best book on successfully leading small group meetings. If you attend more than one meeting a week, you need this book. If you are tired of meetings that are disorganized, slowed by off-track remarks, stymied by poor decision making processes, or plagued by bad behaviors, you need this book. If you want insights into positive techniques to structure meetings, assign roles, conduct participative discussions, use positive behaviors, and accomplish meaningful results, you want this book. Get a copy for everyone on your team! The "Magical Meeting Manager" page alone is worth the price of the entire book. 60 pp.


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MONEY: Make, Manage, and Multiply ItMONEY: Make, Manage, and Multiply It


MONEY is the ideal book to turn financial stress into financial success! It is great for recent graduates, newlyweds, new parents, and those trying to come to grips with retirement. It is very practical and readable. Inside the book you get tips on using company savings plans to get "free money." You'll see how to invest in accounts where your tax dollars can increase your wealth instead of going to the IRS. You will learn the hidden reason many household budgets fail and see how to control it. In addition, the book gives you numerous tips for saving money and shopping for major purchases like a home – where you can save $14,000 with one day's work! Each chapter has ways for you to apply your learning. The book wraps up with an explanation of principles to apply when investing your savings. Read the book, use its techniques, and become wealthy or just well-off. 190 pp.


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The essential introduction to open-book management. This book highlights the key aspects of OBM so you can quickly size up its potential for your organization. Ideal for orienting others to the concept. Resource list links you to other information sources. The best place to start your OBM quest is here. 42 pp.


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Start-Up! A Guide to Getting Off on the Right FootSTART-UP! A Guide to Getting Off on the Right Foot


A wonderfully entertaining and educational tool you can use to orient the entire workforce of a new plant. It lets everyone know what they are in for -- from the excitement of discovery to the frustration of unsolved problems. START-UP! opens communications channels and prevents a tragic loss of trust which can occur when reality collides with expectations in a start-up. 74 pp.


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