Open-Book Management


Are you trying to learn more about OBM?

Do you need to decide if it will work for you?

Do you need a quick and easy introduction of OBM to others?


Open-Book ManagementIf any of these fit your situation, then Open-Book Management, Your EZ Intro to OBM is the book for you.


Open-book management is a wonderful way to run a business. Our OBM book covers the basics of open-book management in concise and easy-to-understand terms. In today's time pressured world, you need information quickly. Your EZ Intro to OBM highlights the key principles and practices that make OBM the new paradigm for managing organizations. The book contains a complete reference guide to other books, articles, and sources of information. It's "Quickie Quiz" at the end (along with the answers) lets you test your knowledge before or after you read.


Written by Don Barkman, Open-Book Management, Your EZ Intro to OBM, derives from Don's decade long experience in business education with hourly, professional, and managerial employees. This experience is coupled with his 25 years of work in organizational design, team systems, and organizational change. The book sticks to the essentials in a practical way that has earned Don repeated praise from his readers. Its unique "Opportunity Matrix" is perhaps the most comprehensive and integrated one page summary of OBM available. Your EZ Intro to OBM covers:


1. Definition of OBM

2. Synergy of OBM

3. The Birth of OBM

4. Leadership and Philosophy

5. Three Organizational Systems

6. Four Key Elements of OBM

7. Opportunity Matrix

8. Advantages

9. Implementation Issues


This thorough, yet concise coverage lets you determine how OBM works and if you should devote more resources to its investigation and implementation. The time and talent of people is precious. In sixty minutes, the fifty page book lets you know if OBM is the approach for you.


Your EZ Intro to OBM is definitely not a "how-to" book with explicit details on establishing OBM. Then again, it's not 250 pages long either. However, it does summarize other valuable resources you can use if you decide to pursue OBM further.


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