START-UP! A Guide to Getting Off on the Right Foot


Starting up a New Facility?

Do Your New Employees Know What to Expect?


START-UP! A Guide to Getting Off on the Right FootDid you know that one of the biggest difficulties encountered in start-up organizations is unrealistic expectations on the part of everyone involved?


Managers are optimistic about creating a new culture free of the problems they've had to manage before. Employees believe they are going to get a "better deal" by changing jobs.


Both the prospective employer and prospective employees try to put their best images forward. While some employers also stress the challenges involved in their organizations, prospective employees are anxious to hear only the best.


What happens when everything doesn't go perfectly? What happens when what was said in orientation gets changed?


Employees get upset. Managers get frustrated. Morale suffers -- sometimes a tragic loss of trust occurs. You can take a positive step to avoid these difficulties.


START-UP!, A Guide to Getting Off on the Right Foot is now available to help you. This easy-to-read booklet explains what both managers and employees can really expect to happen during start-up. START-UP! highlights the peaks and the potential pits. It forewarns everyone of the difficulties of over-expectations and gives tips on how to manage personal perceptions to adapt to the inevitable ups and downs of start-up.


Organizations planning major changes, e.g., implementing work teams, will also find gems of information in START-UP!


START-UP! is based on the experience of a variety of firms. It is written in easy to understand language and sprinkled with interesting anecdotes. It includes an optional set of questions the reader can respond to. Use the questions with discussion groups to explore what everyone can expect during your start-up.


You can also go the extra step and request the half-day seminar for leaders. During the session you'll explore in greater depth the key start-up issues and how to handle them. Protect the millions of dollars invested in your human and physical resources by getting a copy of START-UP! for each and every one of your employees.


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