Business Basics Bestseller #1


Business Basics Bestseller #1Business Basics Bestseller #1 provides an introduction to business for anyone who does not have a business degree. Thousands of persons, in all types of jobs, including general managers, salespersons, engineers, office staff, and machine operators have benefitted from the explanations contained in BBB#1.


Everyone needs to understand business. Because a for-profit business is driven by its numbers, you're not really in the game if you don't understand those numbers. Unfortunately, most of us didn't go to business school. That means we must educate ourselves about the businesses we work in. We need to know the terminology and how to keep score. BBB#1 teaches how the business game is played.


BBB#1 will improve your understanding of business communications from meetings to annual reports. It will enhance your decision making by filling you in on the financial facts of life. BBB#1 is based upon our years of experience customizing business education material. The material has been carefully crafted so you won't be lost or intimidated along the way. You can use the book to learn about business by yourself. You can also buy the companion Workbook to test your understanding as you go. Using both the book and the Workbook with a group provides the basis for an in-house education program. (If that's your plan, we suggest you find out more about our BIZ WIZ® Universal seminar.)


This is the easiest introduction to business you'll ever read. Because of our extensive experience educating employees at all levels, we know what questions need to be answered even before they are asked. Our material assumes you are not familiar with business terminology or financial formulas. All that is explained in an easy, systematic way without becoming simplistic. The book has clever sketches and examples of financial statements that are assembled a-piece-at-a-time as your understanding builds. Ample "white space" makes it easy to cover a chapter in about 30 minutes and the whole book in about three hours. You'll get more from that time than a whole semester of business course work!




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