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Skill-Based Pay: Design and ImplementationYou've come to the right source. Our book, Skill-Based Pay: Design and Implementation, published in 2002, is the most economical and efficient way to investigate the potential of this proven approach to knowledge-based pay. It is the successor to two prior editions of Designing Skill-Based Pay.


Until now you had to learn about pay-for-skills the hard way: hunt through the journals, hire a consultant, or visit other companies. Finding the right articles and trying to connect them is a time consuming task. Consultants are expensive. We know. We do consulting. Visiting other companies is informative, but both time consuming and expensive. Give yourself a headstart by ordering the book now using the Order Form on this site.


Now you can take the easy way -- purchase Skill-Based Pay: Design and Implementation. In a few hours you can gain invaluable insight into how skill-based pay (SBP) is designed and implemented. This one source connects the many variables you must address to create a true pay system, not just a patchwork of pieces. You'll discover essential "to do's" and pitfalls to avoid.


How can you use this new book to its best advantage?


Use Skill-Based Pay: Design and Implementation as your introduction to this topic. If you already know about SBP, but need to educate others, this book will lay the foundation they need. If you want practical guidance for managing the design process, the book will get you quickly underway. If you have a program operating, but it's not working the way you want, use the book as a diagnostic tool. Join the hundreds of firms in North America, Europe, and Australia who have successfully used the book for guidance.


Here are just some of the vital topics covered in Designing Skill-Based Pay:

  • Definition of Common Terms
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Establishing a Design Group
  • Key Economics
  • Broadbanding and SBP
  • Learning & Training Variables
  • Job Rotations
  • Establishing Pay Levels
  • Evaluation & Certification
  • Communicating the Program
  • Transition Issues
  • Living with the System

Need more information? Refer to the annotated reading list for more articles, tapes, and cases.


Skill-Based Pay: D & I covers the conceptual and the practical. It draws on the experience of the author, Don Barkman, in creating SBP systems in the USA and Europe for new plants and existing ones. Readers consistently praise the book for its helpfulness and clarity. You can read excerpts at Skill-Based Pay Excerpts.


If you think skill-based pay can help you get more value for your payroll cost, then take the first step by ordering your copy!


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