Leadership Development


Every organization has leadership. The big difference from one organization to the next is the quality of that leadership. The Business Center can help you determine the leadership needs of your organization and then meet them.


Leadership is often a function of the structure of the organization, its needs for control, the skills of the workforce, and the circumstances of the enterprise. Leadership must both fit and shape the culture of an organization. Leaders promote the vision and maintain the standards required to achieve it. Leadership is a very challenging job.


While The Business Center can help develop leaders in nearly any circumstance, our inclination is toward creating high-involvement workplaces with appropriate styles of leadership. We believe that by investing significantly in the training of their workforces, organizations can move decision making downward and achieve better operational control. We do not advocate participation for its own sake. Rather, we know that when it is done correctly it can boost the bottom line. For involvement to succeed, leadership must be tuned to its particular needs. (Because involvement is often achieved through the use of work teams, you should also visit ourTeams: Design & Develop page.)


We offer a number of seminars and tools to develop leaders. Our Journey to Excellence seminar enables leaders to understand the principles required to design and operate high-performing workplaces. Our Team Leadership seminar focuses on the knowledge and skills required to lead in team environments. Team leadership has significantly different dynamics than traditional one-on-one leadership although some skills are common to both. The DiSC® profile from Inscape Publishing that we distribute is a very effective tool for helping leaders (and anyone) understand the needs and behaviors of those they work with. Because leaders are often called upon to explain the actions of the firm, they can benefit greatly from our BIZ WIZ® seminar.


Leadership development is not just seminars. They are only one element in a wider mix. You can create an effective leadership coaching process by using Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders which we distribute. It provides very useful 360 feedback for leaders at any level. To help leaders appreciate the dynamics of leadership, we also offer our own Nuclear Nightmare simulation. It brings to life the many challenges of getting work accomplished in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. We can also help you develop programs like leadership forums for discussing common problems faced by first-level leaders, and reading / discussion groups for book learners.


Tap into the expertise of The Business Center to help your organization develop the leaders it needs for its future by contacting us today.