Everything DiSC™ Sales Seminar


Discover a consistently successful approach to selling and maintaining positive customer relationships with Everything DiSC Sales. This highly beneficial program can also help reduce sales costs by increasing sales call effectiveness. Everything DiSC Sales is appropriate for sales people with a wide range of skills and experience and is easily integrated into current sales training. Its flexible, comprehensive program is organized into six key modules that require a total of 6 hours to conduct. The modules focus on:

  • DiSC and Sales Priorities
  • Customer Mapping
  • Customer Buying Priorities
  • Adapting to Meet Customers' Needs

Program leadership is supported with a comprehensive Facilitator's Kit that includes: scripts for each module, a PowerPoint presentation from which handouts can be made, and skill-building video vignettes.


Give your sales force the people-reading skills they need to establish positive relationships and close the sale! Contact us today to get started before that next customer gets away!


Everything DiSC Sales is produced by Inscape Publishing. It, and the other DiSC products, are their registered trademarks.




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