AiA® (Adventures in Attitudes) Seminar


AiA Classic (previously Adventures in Attitudes®) is the classic, human relations program that's been changing lives for more than fifty years. Using small group interaction, shared personal experiences, individual and group exercises and facilitator-led discussions, participants move through five high-involvement topics important to developing positive attitudes and life-enhancing skills:

  1. Communications
  2. Adaptability
  3. Personal Management
  4. Group Effectiveness
  5. Leadership

Experienced by over five million people worldwide, it's an empowerment strategy for today's downsized, stressed-out workforce. AiA Classic is also an excellent tool for developing the positive, self-determined outlook needed by new employees. Organizations are finding it is a powerful tool for helping those whose early life environments may not have provided the background needed for success in formal organizations (e.g., "welfare-to-work").


The topics above are spread over 10 modules. This makes scheduling Adventures in Attitudes easy. The program material guides participants through interactive discussions in groups of 4. Multiple table groups can work during a single session. A complete Facilitator's Kit guides an in-house facilitator carefully through the discussion points of the program.


AiA Classic is produced by Inscape Publishing and is their registered trademark.




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